Jichai Diesel Engine 2000seriesiYOTFJ650,YOTFJ750,YOTFJ875 speed-adjustable hydraulic coupling reverse gear reducer box

Warranty: 1 Year
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Energy & Mining
Weight (KG): 3100
Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 0-1000NM
Input Speed: 600~1500RPM
Output Speed: 600~1500RPM
Product name: hudraulic coupling reducer
Keywords: jichai gearbox
input speed: 1000~1500rpm
transmission power: 200~3000kw
rated efficiency: >96%
gear reduction ratio: 2.0~3.3
rated slip: 3%
adjustable speed range: 1~1/3
clutch sensitivity: 6~8s
Brand: jichai
Packaging Details: API standard waterproof cover inside and woodl frame box outside, name sizes, weight will be marked on the package in different language

Jichai Made in china Diesel Engine use 2000series YOTFJ650-25DDF,YOTFJ750-25DDF,YOTFJ875-25DDF speed-adjustable hydraulic coupling reverse gear reducer box for mud pump

Company Information
CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company is located in the scenic Changqing Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. CNPC Jichai share was officially listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October, 1996.

The plant has 4,000 employees now, total assets of more than 3 billion yuan and possesses more than 2,000 pieces (sets) of main production equipment. Jichai has three big R & D production bases in Jinan of Shandong, Chengdu of Sichuan and Tianjin respectively. Its core business is the development and production of combustion engine. Its business is also extended to compressor manufacture integration pry, hydraulic transmission device, gas integration device, electrical control device, etc., annual production capacity is 5,000 diesel engines and sales revenue is nearly 4 billion yuan.

The plant was successively awarded the titles of “National Quality Management Award”, “National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise”, and “Quality Supplier of West-East Natural Gas Transmission” and so on, and passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, China Classification Society Certification and Bureau Veritas Certification. Hydraulic Transmission Business Division of CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company is specialized in research and development, manufacturing and sales of hydraulic transmission productions.

Currently, the plant has formed hydraulic coupling and hydraulic transmission unit series products of 280, 420, 560, Host Machine of bevel Gearbox(reducer) and Motor For aquaculture paddlewheel aerators 650, 670, 750, 875, 1000, 1150, etc.; oil extended adjusting centrifugal turbine torque converter series products with working chambers diameter of 480, 550, 650, 750, 830, 900 mm, which can match with internal combustion engines (diesel engine, gas engine) of 135, 140, 160, 180, 190, 200, 260, 320 and other series, kinds of motors, and foreign advanced power machinery such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo, etc. The products cover the fields such as petroleum, ship industry, engineering machinery, etc. and can adapt the need of different regions and various customers.

Factory Strength
At present, Hydraulic Transmission Business Division of CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company has grown as mainstream enterprise in the same domestic field, and plays a leading role in petroleum equipment domain. Our products have been distributed to Daqing, Shengli, Huabei, Liaohe, Changqing, high quality 120 mm helical reduction gear box for Spring machine Xinan, Xinjiang, Sichuan Oilfield and other major oilfields, as well as Tianjin, Guangxi, Jiangsu and other areas with sufficient water resources, also the products are exported to Kazakhstan, Burma, Kenya, etc. The product has gained good reputations from customers at home and abroad for high performance and perfect service.
The historical mission of CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company's staffs is to build an international brand for Chinese power. Regard “Innovation Development, Harmony and Win-win as tenet and being customer benefit-oriented, we are marching along the road toward a new aim with remarkable innovation ability, advanced marketing strategy, perfect after-sale service and vigorous support of our customers and merchants.

Hydraulic Transmission Business Division of CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company adheres to the philosophy of “Scientific Management, Innovation Development”, takes innovation as the prerequisite and soul of development. We adopt advanced ERP System to manage production, execute ISO Quality System to ensure product quality be a controlled condition, formulate effective measures to stimulate worker doing work innovatively and keeping improving. We cooperate with famous companies in domestic and aboard, get great breakthrough in technology, and try to make the hydraulic transmission products of CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company as the first brand of hydraulic transmission in China.

In April, 2009, the experts of Harbin Institute of Technology gave high evaluation to the hydraulic transmission products of CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company, agreed that the fixed-tube nozzle valve controlled speed regulating technology of hydraulic transmission products of CNPC Jichai Power equipment Company has reached advanced international level and has been applied in petroleum drilling, engineering ship and other fields successfully with great innovation.

The combined use of diesel engine-hydraulic coupling reverse-gear box set and mud pump has the following advantages

1.The dieselengine coupling reverse-gear box is adoptedto drive the mud pump.This fact eliminates the need for belt transmission, mechanical reducer and air bag clutch, and provides simplified transmission system, higher efficiency, reduced volume and weight and higher mobility.

2. The diesel engine and hydraulic coupling reverse-gear box are coupled via the high-elastic coupling, and are installed on a shared chassis with a combined high-pressure water cooling system. This feature simplifies the cooling system in the coupling and reduces auxiliary power consumption. The structure is compact and reliable.

3. Under drilling conditions, the mud pump driven by a diesel engine coupling reverse-gear box can reach different discharge capacities and pumping pressures controlled by adjusting diesel engine throttle or replacing cylinder sleeve or regulating opening of pneumatic control valve of coupling within limits in a stepless manner, so that the diesel engine can operate efficiently normally (≥1000r/min).

4.With functions of clutch, Hot Selling variable speed reduction gearbox DH5B20E with motor it is possible to apply the clutch when no impact and wearing appear.


Diameter of working cavity(mm)
Input speed(r/min)
Transferred power range(kw)
Reduction ratio
Rated slip
Speed governing range
Reaction sensitivity of clutching
Temperature of working oil(℃)
Oil grade
6# or 8#(6# hydraulic driving oil is used under the condition of ambient temperature of above -20℃,and 8# oil is used below -20℃
Cooling mode
Combined water cooled/Separately air cooled
Overall dimension (LxWxH mm)

Product pictures
Buying Guides
1.Once the products have the quality problem how to deal with?
We give 24 hours online service, please call +8618081980882 , if there is agent or branch, ples also ask the help from our branch, such as in Russia, America, Dubai, and the manager will come to your site, if technical problem we will give 12 hours online answer from 8:30-12:00, 14:00-18:00.

2. Can I be your tiger agent in our country?
Answer: We are developing agents all over the world; you can sign agency agreement with us.

3. What is the warranty time of your products?The warranty time is 12 months from the date of the commissioning. After the warranty, any questions and needs, please contact us.

4.what is you delivery time?
We have a lot of jichai gearbox in stock supply, such as YOTFJ650,YPTFJ750,YOTFJ875, delivery time is 7 days after you confirm the drawing and color, welcome online payment in Alibaba. Book gearbox delivery time is :25-30 days after 30% payment.
If the order is mud pump unit, you have to pay 100% for the gearbox , then we can get the gearbox from jichai, jichai plant plant is very close our plant only 2 days transport to our tiger plant.

5.what should I do after contract?
After the execution of contract, the user may not have to be present for the gearbox test. We will issue the test report and data for your reference, also take videos and pictures for you.
For the mud pump unit test, we need to test after connecting the driving engine, so we need the user to be present to participate in the field test. After the test is qualified, please pay 10% final payment. We will deliver the pump unit to Shanghai port.

6. Can you provide the low temperature pump set used in Russia and other low temperature areas?
For Russia, we can provide low-temperature pump set and relevant heating devices according to your project needs.
For the heat preservation shed, we suggest you purchase and construct it locally in your place.

7. Do you provide door-to-door installation and connection of mud pump?
We are equipped with professional mud pump engineers and translators, who can provide on-site installation and debugging of mud pump.
Customization generally starts in 10 days, with at least 2 people. And require additional customized drilling and installation labor contract.
For details, please consult tiger's sales engineer.

8: Can you provide remote control system for the mud pump package? Is there any extra charge?
We can provide remote control box in the driller room, please provide the line length, layout and specific switch Settings and name, High quality portable line boring machine with bevel gear in speed reducer we can use stainless steel or iron control ,we can design one control system control one mud pump package, or one control system control two mud pump package or more, please contact tiger sales engineer to know your requirement.

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