JLX-JLP vertical mill reducer

Model Number: JLX-JLP series
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: 40.2~1997.86KN.M
Rated Power: 200kw~5000kw
Input Speed: 990rpm
Industry: Building material
Structure: Three or four split
Standard: JC/T878.4-2001
Gear hardness: 58~62HRC
Tooth surface: Class 6(GB10095)
Heat treatment: Carburized and hardened
Packaging Details: wooden case
Port: as per customer’s requirment

JLX-JLP series vertical mill reducer is mainly used for vertical mill of cement production line
and vertical medium speed of coal production line,as well as other industries.
JLX-series gearbox adopts bevel-planetary gearingJLP-series gearbox adopts bevel-parallel shaft-planetary gearingJLX-series reducer was approved as standard product for construction material industry
by the Technical Standardization Commission, with standard number JC/T878.4-2001.

Company Information

CN Gpower Gearbox Co.,Ltd(Chongqing Gearbox CO.,Ltd) is one of members of China
Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and specialized in manufacturing all kinds of reducers
with hardened tooth surface for vessel,cement, High Torque Precision Planetary Gear Motor With 42 Reducer bldc motor controller manufacturers low noise high torque electric steel,firepower and waterpower indusrty,
speed-up gearboxes for wind turbine generator,couplings,absorbers,friction discs, High Precision Gear Box High Speed Reduction Planetary Gearbox Reducer Final Drive auto
gears and etc.It was founded in 1966 and covers a total land area of 90,000.Its total mumber of employee
is about 3000,among them are 88 senior and intermediate managers,769 professional
technicians.Its total asset is more than 500 millions and owns more than 1400 facilities.The company gains 84 national patents and consitutes 18 national and trade standards,
and the technology center of industries of the company is of state level.Our company is
one of the Top 50 Industries Enterprises of Chongqing and the 500 Biggest Machinery
Industries in China.Both "Chong Chi" Japanese matex torque amplifier motor gear planetary reducer drive reducer and marine gearbox have been titled as Famous Brand in China.


The company has more than 1,000 hi-tech equipments fulfiling mechanical processing,
heat treatment,testing and inspection,measurement,capable of heat and cryogenic treatments, High-power double-stage Cylindrical Gear Mechanical Reducer
and inspection and testing of large,high-precision,case-hardened gears and housings.

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