Matex torque amplifier module system speed reducer gear box motor from Japan

Applicable Industries: Other, Please contact us for details
Weight (KG): 0.25 KG
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: contact us
Input Speed: contact us
Output Speed: contact us
Packaging Details: cardboard boxes
Port: Kansai Airport

Products Description What Planetary Gear is? (Alibaba Live Stream)ABCs of planetary gear are explained in the LiveStream archive.What planetary gear is, and advantages of planetary gear compared to usual spur gear are explained first.You will also know pros of our Matex planetary gear and favorable application areas through the video.You will also learn how to choose a right gear from rich planetary gear lineup. From 26mm outer diameter to 200mm diameter, Plastic, sintered metal, and processed metal, High torque single phase ac helical electric gear motor for concrete mixer we have a wide variety of gear lineup. Features of Matex Gear Reducers1. – Realize higher reduction ratio easily by connecting units. 2. – Achieve various reduction ratios by combining standard units (l/3,l/4,l/5).3. – Various component configurations from metal to plastic.Matex can develop and manufacture the optimal speed-up or réduction gears to customer's specifications.4. – Achieve high efficiency; max. 95% reduction at single unit, 90% at double-unit use.5. – Less gear noise and noise fluctuation caused by load variation due to the special structure that holds the load on the planet gear.

Brand nameMatex Co., Laifual robot arm mini small gear reducer of Harmonic Ltd.
Place of originJapan
Most of our gear products are supplied as module products, not gear heads. This module style enables you to make your product small, though some design efforts are required.We Matex are a unique gear manufacturer which can support everything from design and prototyping to mass production.Different from usual gear makers, we can manufacturer both plastic gears and metal gears.Not only standard product lineup but also custom gear reducer we can offer.Please hear us your thoughts, we cover all. Company Profile Matex is a professional group for designing and manufacturing of planetary gears, gearboxes, transmissions and plastic injection molding parts. We have many achievements in development and manufacturing according to customer' High power 380V 10kw motor reduction worm gearbox gear motor for package machine s specifications including home appliances, machinery, automobile parts, and health equipment. In addition, we fully respond to your needs, including contracted development and manufacturing of mechanical parts such as actuators, power units, Housing Material Precision 3 1 Ratio Gearbox pumps, and plastic injection molding and assembly.