NRV090 Worm reduction gearbox speed reducer NRV VS

Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 2.6 to 1760
Rated Power: 0.06kw-15kw
Input Speed: 700rpm, 1400rpm, 2800rpm
Output Speed: 7-560rpm
Model Number: NRV
Color: Silver, blue, grey
Packing: Carton & Plywood case
Packaging Details: small carton for each gearbox plywood case(110*110*0.85m) for outside
Port: Shanghai, Ningbo

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Main features of NRV090 worm gear speed gearboxes:
1. wide speed ratio range
2. small volume, low weight, occupying small space for mounting
3. high efficiency, high mechanical strength and high quality aluminum alloy housing
4. long life service, large output torque, low noise and little vibration
5. low temperature rise, omnibearing installation, easy to connect with other machinery
6. high carry ability, elegant appearance
7. CE standard, input power can be 0.18KW-15KW
8. stable transmission


Type: NRV 090
Model: NRV
Ratio: 5:1, 7.5:1, 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 25:1,
30:1, 40:1, 50:1, 60:1, 80:1, 100:1
Color: Blue, High torque small size helical gear speed reducer gearbox with 110V220V single and 3 phases motor Silver, Grey, Customised (Wet painting, oven painting)
Material: Housing, cover, flange(size30-90): aluminum alloy
Housing, cover, flange(size110-150): cast iron
Worm gear: bronze for outside & nodular iron for inside
Worm shaft: 20CrMnTi with carburizing and quenching,
Surface harness: 56-62HRC
Output shaft: chromium steel-45#
Bearing: C&U brand, HCH brand
Oil Seal: NAK SKF
Packing: Carton and Wooden Case
Warranty: 1 Year
IEC Flange: 56B5, 56B14, 63B5, 63B14, 71B5, 71B14, 80B5, 80B14, 90B5, 90B14, 100/112B5, 100/112B14, 132B5
Lubricant: Synthetic oil & Mineral oil

Our Services
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Advantages of our factory
Advantage one — Alluminium Casting Machines & Test Facilities
The owner of NMRV factory, Mr Lu also has an aluminum die casting factory with 100% stock. This aluminum die casting factory is the best in our Hangzhou. We produce NMRV housing, cover, flange and supply to other NMRV factory.

Advantage two — Sufficient Stock of Spares
To ensure our customer fast deliver time, we have sufficient stock of spares such as housing, cover, input flange, output flange, worm wheel, worm gear, oil seal, bearing.

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The owner of Hangzhou Reducer, Mr Lu, is the sales representatives of the Chinese biggest tool equipment factory in Zhejiang province. He sells a lot of hobing machine, gridding machine, CNC machine and so on to other factory. As to the tool machines in our factory, all of them are equipment with best processing precision with solid technical support.

Question One:
What infomation should I tell you to confirm the order?
A: Model/Size, Transmission Ratio, Shaft directions & Order quantity.

Question Two:
What if I don’t know which one I need?
A:Don’t worry, Send as much information as you can, our technical team will assist you to find the right model/size you are looking for.

Question Three:
How long should I wait for the feedback after I send the enquiry?
A: Within 12 hours

Question Four:
What should I provide if I want to order NON-STANDERD reducers?
A: Drafts, Dimensions, 24inch plough disc bladedisc harrow bladeplow disc blade Pictures and samples if possible.

Mounting Dimensions

Dimensions of NMRV worm gearbox