P series heavy duty planetary gear reducer gearbox

Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: 2.6 ~ 12000 KN.m
Rated Power: 22 ~ 3000 KW
Input Speed: 1-3000RPM
Output Speed: 0.1-3000RPM
Model Number: P
Name: P series heavy duty planetary gear reducer gearbox
Color: blue
Precision: High
Application: Servo Motors & Stepper motor
Backlash: 3-10arcmin
Efficiency: 95%
Protection Class: IP65
Noise Level: dB62
Ratio: 25 to 4000 basic
Included: Single stage & Double stage
Packaging Details: P series planetary reducer gearbox Seaworthy wooden case packaging
Port: Shanghai

Planetary speed reducer
Planetary gear
spur gear reducer
mini gear reducer
P series heavy duty planetary gear reducer gearbox

Product Overview:

P series planetary gear reducer is widely used in metallurgy , mining, lifting and transport , electricity, energy , building materials, light industry, transportation and other industrial sectors.

2, P series planetary gear involute planetary gear transmission , within a reasonable use, external gear , power split .

3, Agricultural disc harrow parts of 65Mn spring steel disc blade65Mn the planetary gear modular design changes can be combined according to customer requirements.

4, carburized gears are used to obtain high- hard wear-resistant surface , all the heat treatment after grinding gear teeth , reduce noise , improve the overall efficiency and service life.

5, light quality gear reducer , small transmission ratio range , high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise adaptability and other characteristics .


1 , input: concentric shaft input , the helical gear input , Agricultural Equipment 200HP 4WD Wheel farm Tractor Farming Tractor Agricultural Tractor for Sale spare parts available bevel – helical gear input, bevel gear input.

2 , output: the splined inner, hollow shaft shrink disc, splined outer, solid shaft flat key .

3, the planetary gear involute planetary gear transmission, within a reasonable use of external gear, power split. Therefore, light weight, small size, transmission ratio range, Agricultural Machinery Spare Parts Farm Machinery parts cultivator points high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, strong adaptability and other characteristics.

4 , box with ductile iron, greatly improving cabinet rigidity and shock resistance.

5 , modular design , according to customer requirements to change the combination types .

6 , the installation forms : horizontal and vertical installation, torque arm mounting .

7 , combined with R series , K series to get greater ratio .

Technical parameters:

Ratio range: 25 to 4000 basic

Torque range : 2.6 ~ 900 kNm

Power range : 22 ~ 1920 kW

The basic model:

Form : P2NA .. P2LA .. P2SA .. P2KA .. P3NA .. P3SA .. P3KA ..

Frame : 9 to 34

P2O011 P2O021 P2O031 P2O041 P2O051 P2O061 P2O071 P2O081 P2O091 P2O101 P2O111 P2O121 P2O131 P2O141 P2O151 P2S011 P2S021 P2S031 P2S041 P2S051 P2S061 P2S071 P2S081 P2S091 P2S101 P2S111 P2S121 P2S131 P2S141 P2S151 P2K011 P2K021 P2K031 P2K041 P2K051 P2K061 P2K071 P2K081 P2K091 P2K101 P2K111 P2K121 P2K131 P2K141 P2K151

P3O011 P3O021 P3O031 P3O041 P3O051 P3O061 P3O071 P3O081 P3O091 P3O101 P3O111 P3O121 P3O131 P3O141 P3O151 P3S011 P3S021 P3S031 P3S041 P3S051 P3S061 P3S071 P3S081 P3S091 P3S101 P3S111 P3S121 P3S131 P3S141 P3S151 P3K011 P3K021 P3K031 P3K041 P3K051 P3K061 P3K071 P3K081 P3K091 P3K101 P3K111 P3K121 P3K131 P3K141 P3K151

P4O011 P4O021 P4O031 P4O041 P4O051 P4O061 P4O071 P4O081 P4O091 P4O101 P4O111 P4O121 P4O131 P4O141 P4O151 P4S011 P4S021 P4S031 P4S041 P4S051 P4S061 P4S071 P4S081 P4S091 P4S101 P4S111 P4S121 P4S131 P4S141 P4S151 P4K011 P4K021 P4K031 P4K041 P4K051 P4K061 P4K071 P4K081 P4K091 P4K101 P4K111 P4K121 P4K131 P4K141 P4K151