power 0.75-4 kw 500 N.m cycloidal drive gear decelerator reducing gearbox

Warranty: 1 years, 12months
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Retail, Construction works , Energy & Mining
Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM
Gearing Arrangement: Cycloidal
Output Torque: up to 20000Nm
Input Speed: 1400rpm, 1680rpm
Output Speed: 0.3~140rpm
gear arrangement: cycloidal
Material of gear: 20CrMnTi with high precision grinding
Material of Housing: cast iron
Material of shaft: 40Cr with carburizing and quenching
Input format: IEC flange, direct with motor, shaft input
Mounting Position: Horizontal (foot mounted) or Vertical (flange mounted)
Gear Ratio: 11,17,23,29,35, agriculture machinery part 21 inch chainsaw harvester Guide Bar 43,59,71, 87
OEM service: available
Application: packing machine, food process, lift, crane, agitator, feeder
Packaging Details: Export Standard wooden case, plywooden case with pallet

Cycloidal gearboxCycloid reducer is a cycloid needle teeth meshing planetary transmission principle drive models, is an ideal transmission with many advantages:

Houshing: Casting Iron
Gearset: Cycloid wheel & Pin wheel
Input Configurations: Equipped with Electric Motors (AC Motor, Brake Motor, Explosion-proof Motor, Regulated Speed Motor, Hydraulic Motor) IEC-normalized Motor Flange, high precision 70 mm small round flange cnc gearbox for automated guided vehicle Keyed Solid Shaft Input
Output Configurations: Keyed Solid Shaft Output

Feature OneEconomic but High efficiency, the average efficiency is over 90%

  • Feature Two

    Large reduction ratio, 1-stage ratio 9~87, 2-stage ratio 121~1849, larger reduction ratio is available by 3-stage or multistagecombinations.1 Stage Ratio: 9, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 43, 59, 71, 872 Stage Ratio: 121, 187, 289, 18-25HP Tractor high grass rotary cutter topper mower 385, 473, 595, 731, 989, 1225, 1849

  • Feature Three

    Low speed, low frequency: mainly used for heavy load, low speed and no frequent work place1 Stage Ratio: 9, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 43, 59, NMRV063 worm gear speed reducer 71, 87 Related Products Packing&Shipping Company Introduction