precision planetary gearbox PLH series planet gear speed reducer

Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: 60~105Nm
Input Speed: 4000rpm
Output Speed: other
Color: Silver
Material: Steel
Ratio: 3/4/5/7/10
Mounting Position: Flange
Warranty: 1 Year
Usage: Speed Change
Packing: Carton
No-load torque: 0.3~0.6Nm
Working temperature: -20~90 Celsius
Weight: 1.6kg
Packaging Details: carton

precision planetary gearbox PLH series planet gear speed reducer

This type planetaty reduction gearbox use the same axis output,It has thecharacteristics of high precision, good rigidity, large bearing capacity, high efficiency, High Torque Planetary Gearbox Mixer Drive Unit Harmonic Reducer For Concrete Mixer OEM T 90 Degree Gearbox long life, low noise, light volume, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and accurate positioning. It is suitable for AC servo motor, All Kinds High Quality Wholesale Agricultural Machinery Parts for Planter Combine Harvester Corn Header Disc Harrow Tillage DC servo motor and stepping motor. Reducer drive.

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Level Single
(i:3 4 5 7 10)
(i:12 16 20 25 28 35 40 50 70)
(i:80 100 125 140 175 etc
Length 46.5 127 63.0 143.5 79.5 160
Rated input speed 4000 rpm 4000 rpm 4000 rpm
Max input speed 8000 rpm 8000 rpm 8000 rpm
Max radial force 170 (N) 170(N) 170(N)
Max axial force 100(N) 100(N) 100(N)
No loading torque 0.6Nm 0.3Nm 0.3Nm
Full load efficiency 96% 94% 90%
Noise <58dB <58dB <58dB
Weight 1.0kg 1.3kg 1.6kg
Average life >20000 > Laifual harmonic reducer for mask machine 20000 >20000
Rigidity 2.3Nm arcmin 2.3Nm arcmin 2.3Nm arcmin