R Series High Quality Helical Gear Reducergear box speed reducermotor reducer gear

Applicable Industries: Cement, chemical, food and beverage
Gearing Arrangement: Flange, foot shaft extension
Output Torque: 85-18000N-m
Input Speed: 0.1
Output Speed: 0.16-1077r/min
Color: Customizable
Application: Cement, chemical, engineering machinery industries
Packing: Wooden packing
Packaging Details: Wooden packing
Port: Shanghai

Design: 1. The types of parts are reduced, and the specifications and models are increased. 2. Improved operation reliability and increased transmission power.3. Can provide flange type disc output shaft, make the gearbox meet the installation requirements in a small space. (Supplied according to user requirements) Installation method:1 gear reducer can be installed horizontally or vertically.2. If the user requests, other installation forms can also be used.3. The flange for installing the motor and the torque support transposition are the standard configuration of the product. Gear box cooling:1. Increase the surface area of the cabinet.2. Adopt large fan and new type deflector fan cover.3.Select ZCH, B gear according to lower maximum allowable oil temperature.Details Images

Model Input power rating(KW) Ratio Permissible forque(N.m)
R17 0.18-0.75 3.83-74.84 85
R27 0.18-3 3.37-135.09 130
R37 0.18-3 3.33-134.82 200
R47 0.18-5.5 3.83-176.88 300
R57 0.18-7.5 4.39-186.89 450
R67 0.18-7.5 4.29-199.81 600
R77 0.18-11 5.21-195.24 820
R87 0.55-22 5.36-246.54 1550
R97 0.55-30 4.49-289.74 3000
R107 2.2-45 5.06-249.16 4300
R137 5.5-55 5.15-222.60 8000
R147 11-90 5.00-163.31 13000
R167 11-160 10.24-229.71 18000

Company Profile Shanghai xieling Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a comprehensive company mainly engaged in technology research and development and international trade. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhangchen Group. The group is specialized in the custom development, production and sales of reducers, High Quality RV Series worm 5 1 ratio gearbox motor and gear box marine diesel engine with gearbox marine diesel engine gearboxes, centrifuges and various transmission equipment. This standard and non-standard reducer is widely used in engineering machinery, cement machinery, chemical machinery,plastic machinery, printing and packaging machinery, food and beverage machinery, lifting and transportation machinery and equipment.The company mainly produces involute planetary reducers, cycloidal pin gear reducers, gear reducers, SBD series Schenker special reducers, differentials used in the centrifuge industry, planetary reducer gearbox for NEMA 23 and NEMA 24 stepper motor and S series double bedrooms for cement mixing stations. Axis forced synchronous special reducer (If you need special reducer information, please contact technical department) Factory Overview Manufacturing Technique Our Services We will continue to adhere to the "quality first, customer first, reputation first" purpose, to the most favorable prices, the highest quality products and the most complete services to meet the needs of users. Rely on innovation and excellent quality,produce first-class products, create first-class benefits, and create a beautiful and splendid future with you! We can provide professional and personalized full-service application solutions according to the actual needs of each valued customer to helpus.Customers enjoy high standards of professional service at a lower cost.Exhibition FAQ1.Q: paddle wheel aerator spare part plastic or cast iron gearbox reducer Do you make this product?A:Yes, we produce this product and can customize the product you want according to the drawings2.Q:Your price is slightly more expensive than your peers. Can it be cheaper?A:Our company has been specializing in centrifugal machines for 20 years. The quality is reliable, the after-sales service isguaranteed, and the price can be negotiated.3.Q:Are you a trading company or a factory?A: We are a factory and trade integration company, and enjoy a certain reputation in the country. Our products have been exported to overseas many times and have a good response, reliable quality and affordable price. Support customization.