RV reductor motor gearbox spare parts and worm speed reducers

Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 2.6-1195N.M
Rated Power: 0.06kw-15kw
Input Speed: 1400r/m
Output Speed: 14-280rpm
Model Number: NMRV025-NMRV150
Material: Aluminium
Color: Blue
Input flange: 56B14/71B5/80B5..
Bearing: NSK bearing/homemade bearing
Packaging Details: 1 set / carton,several cartons / wooden pallet
Port: Shanghai / Ningbo

(1)Large output torque
(2) Safe, reliable, economical and durable(3) Stable transmission, quiet operation
(4) High heat-radiating efficiency, high carrying ability(5) Combination of two single-step worm gear speed reducers, meeting the requirements of super speed ratio
(6) Mechanical gearboxes are widely used in the sectors, Custom Gravity High Quality Auto Parts Casting Parts like foodstuff, ceramics, and chemical manufacturing, as well as packing, printing, dyeing and plastics
Technical data:
(1) Motor input power:0.06kw-15kw
(2) Output torque:4-2320N.M
(3) Speed ratio of worm gear peed reducer: 5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/80/100
(4) With IEC motor input flange: 56B14/71B14/80B5/90B5…
(1) NMRV025-NMRV090: Aluminium alloy housing
(2) NMRV110-150: Cast iron housing
(3) Bearing: NSK bearing & nmrv030 worm gear reducer 56b14 speed ratio 1500 oem speed reducing 90w 1ph ac speed controller Homemade bearing
(4) Lubricant: Synthetic & Mineral
(5) The material of the worm mandrel is HT250, and the worm ring gear is ZQSn10-1.
(6) With high quality homemade bearings, assembled NAK oil seals & filled with high quality lubricant.
Operation&mantenance(1)When worm speed reducer starts to work up to200-400 hours, its lubricant should be replaced.
(2)The gearbox need to replace the oil after 4000 hours.
(3)Worm reduction gearbox is fully filled with lubricant oil after finshed assembly.
(4)Lubricanting oil should be kept enough in the casing and checked at a fixed time.
(1) Blue / Light blue
(2) Silvery White
Quality control
(1) Quality guarantee: 1 year
(2) Certificate of quality: ISO9001:2000
(3) Every product must be tested before sending