Samsr high-precision 60MM servo hollow rotating table platform gearbox reducer with ratio 10 for 50W servo motor

Warranty: 12 months
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Energy & Mining, Automation industries
Customized support: OEM
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: Allowable torque 15Nm
Input Speed: Accoring to motor
Output Speed: 3000RPM
Product name: Samsr 60MM servo rotary actuator hollow rotating platform
Application: Textile, Machine, NMRV series worm gear reducer 115 aluminium alloy NMRV063 401 worm transmission gearbox CNC, AGV, Robotic Industry
Permissible inertia torque: 15Nm
Platform supporting bearing: Cross roller bearing
Using temperature: -25~+90C
Protection class: IP50
Accuracy service Life: 20000h
Reduction ratio: 10:1
Retoting accuracy: ≤1± 0.5 arc-min
Direction of axis(Max): 1930N
Packaging Details: Exported Box+Anti-drop bubble

Samsr high-precision 60MM servo hollow rotating table platform gearbox reducer with ratio 10 for 50W servo motor

Brand Samsr

Option motor: 50W servo motor
Platform Supporting Bearing: Cross roller bearing
Direction of axis(Max): 1930N
Permissible torque: 7.5N.m
Permissible inertia torque: 15N.m
Reduction ratio:10:1
Totating inertia: 4300*10-6
Rated input speed:3000rpm
Max output speed: 5000rpm
Retoting accuracy: ≤1± 0.5 arc-min
Using temperature: -25~+90C
Rotating platform radial shake: 0.005mm
Rotating platform face shake: 0.005mm
Protection class: IP50
Accuracy Service Life: 20000h
Weight: 0.5kg

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