Shinano Kenshi 4Nm planetary gearbox ratio 201 nema 17 stepper motor 1.41A for DIY CNC mill lathe router

Warranty: 12 months
Model Number: M042C020-03GN(S)
Phase: 2
Type: Hybrid
Current / Phase: DC 1.41A/Phase
Product name: Shinano Kenshi 4Nm planetary gearbox ratio 20/1 nema 23 stepper motor
suppy power: 12-24VDC
Resistance: 2.1Ohms
Inductance: 3.3mH
Rotor Inertia: 33g.cm2
Reduction: 20:1
Lead: 4
Shaft Diameter: 8.0mm
Motor length: 69.3mm
Weight: 0.48g
Certification: ce, ISO, RoHS
Packaging Details: Exported Box+Anti-drop bubble

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Shinano Kenshi 4Nm planetary gearbox ratio 20/1 nema 23 stepper motor 1.41A for DIY CNC mill lathe router

Product Detail

BrandShinano Kenshi
Model NoM042C020-03GN(S)
Step angle0.09°
No of phases2
Suppy voltage24V
Rated current1.41A
Resistance2.1ohm (AT 20°C)
Holding torque: 4.0N.m(
Reduction ratio20:1
Operation ambient temp Operation ambient temp:-20° PD-1073-G Pinding semi-automatic washing machine parts of gear boxgearbox for washing machine parts C~+50°C
Operation ambient hum15%~90%
Life 5000Hours
Motor Length69.3mm

Dimensions (Unit:MM)

Model order:
Configuration and Option driver:MD-2322

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