small DC Motor high torque speed reducer 3.6v DC Motor 5nm 10nm torque dc Motor Planetary 42mm gearbox

Warranty: 5years
Model Number: KY-24
Usage: Home Appliance, Water Meter
Torque: >=1.8N.m(2400:1)
Construction: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brush
Protect Feature: Waterproof IP66
Speed(RPM): Reduction ratio:2400:1(applicable to dn15-20)
Continuous Current(A): about 450mA
Efficiency: 55%-60%
Payment: L/C T/T
Color: Black
Certification: Not need
Packaging Details: plastic bags and carton

Technical parameters:1. Rated working voltage: 3.6V2. Working voltage range: 2.5-5V (the higher the voltage, the greater the torque and the shorter the service life)3. No load working current under rated working voltage: < SK200-6 SK210-6 EX220 EC210 DX300 Swing Gearbox Swing Motor Assy 25mA (23 ℃ under normal temperature)4. Locked rotor current under rated working voltage: about 450 mA (300 motor)5. Output torque under rated working voltage: ≥ 1.8N.m (2400:1) ≥ 2.5N.m (3400:1) 6. On (off) time under rated working voltage: < sell marine gearbox gearmotor tractor gearbox small gear reducer 10s (2400:1) < 15s (3400:1)7. Reduction ratio: 2400:1 (applicable to dn15-20), 3400:1 (applicable to dn25)8. Definition of line sequence:I: Blue (in place switch signal, Samsr high-precision 60MM servo hollow rotating table platform gearbox reducer with ratio 10 for 50W servo motor open valve)II. White (in place signal common terminal)III: Yellow (in place switch signal, valve closing)IV: Black (positive)V: Red (negative)(due to the different installation and use directions of the customers, sometimes it is the opposite between opening and closing, Customized Design Agriculture Machinery Harvester Spare Parts which needs to be determined by the customers themselves according to the situation.)9. Waterproof grade: IP66

Model NumberKY-24
Rated Speed2.1±12%rpm
Rated Current185(230 Max)
Rated Voltage3V(customized)