Small Planetary Metal Gearbox BL3640 Gearmotor Micro Reducer BLDC Motor for Pump and Robot

Warranty: Other
Model Number: BL3640
Usage: Car, Electric Bicycle, FAN, Home Appliance, SMART HOME
Type: Brushless Motor
Torque: 21mN.m
Construction: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brushless
Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
Speed(RPM): 5000RPM-15000RPM
Continuous Current(A): 2.05A
Efficiency: 85%
Product Name: BL3640
Motor type: Brushless Motor
Application: Pump, Gear Motor, Robot
Voltage Range: 10V-36V
Keywords: DC Motor
Size: 36mm*40mm
Weight: 170g
Function: PWM, CW/CCW/, ST/SP
Speed Range: 5000RPM-15000RPM
Packaging Details: All of the goods packed with PVC, carton and Strapping belt according to your orders.
Port: Shekou

Product Overview BL3640 Brushless MotorVertically integrated in-house production throughout lamination, housing, plastic cap, rotor, stator to assembly allows seamless QC monitoring. Customization and tech support comes with our versatile platforms applicable in home appliances, automotive parts, power tools and gardening tools and so on.

Product NameBL3640
Motor TypeBrushless Motor
ApplicationPump, Electric Fan, 133 0007 100 1330007100 3599492V91 3909540M91 3909541M91 1688208M91 3599492M91 Massey Ferguson Tractor clutch cover assembly Robot
Voltage Range10V-36V
Speed Range5000RPM-15000RPM
FunctionPWM, CW/CCW, FG, ST/SP
Left elevation Front elevation Right elevation
Exact Reduction RatioRated Tolerance TorqueMax Breaking TorqueEfficiencyNumber of StagesGearBox LengthWeight
1/4, 1/53.0 kgf.m9.0 kgf.m80%125.4mm131g
1/14, 1/19, 1/278.0 kgf.m24.0 kgf.m70%232.5mm170g
1/51, 1/71, 1/100, 1/13918.0 kgf.m54.0 kgf.m60%339.7mm205g
1/189, 1/264, 1/369, 1/516, 1/72125.0 kgf.m75.0 kgf.m50%446.9mm244g
1/699, 1/977, 1/1367, 1/1911, JZQZQPM1000 hypoid reduction gearbox 1/2672, 1/373630.0 kgf.m90.0 kgf.m40%554.0mm279g
Manufacturing Technique Automatic stamping machineAutomatic stamping machine is used for producing end cap and flux ring. Housing stamping machineHousing stamping machine is used for the housing producing. Automatic balancing machineAutomatic balancing machine is used for testing the rotor and making the rotor balance. Rotor producing lineRotor producing line is used for the rotor assemble, test. Automatic assembly lineAutomatic assembly line is used for assembling the housing with rotor together. Automatic winding machineAutomatic winding machine is used for making the enamel-led wire and the rotor together. Key Component Made In House Housing with the magnet20+ housing stamping machines to produce all of the carbon brush and brushless housings. Armature core, metal cap20+ stamping machines to produce all of the armature cores, metal caps in our factory. Plastic cap, plastic bracket6+ injection molding machines to produce all of the plastic caps, plastic brackets. Rotor without insulation resin40+ rotor assemble machines to assemble all of the carbon brush rotors and brushless rotors in our factory. Bearing bushing, sleeve bearing50+ automatic assembly lines and semi-automatic assembly lines to assemble all the motors. Rotor with the enamelled wire100+ rotor assembly machines to assemble all of the rotors with the enamelled wire for all the motors. Company Profile Nichibo Motor(Shen Zhen)Co., Ltd.Nichibo DC Motor was established in 1976. We produce DC brushed/brushless motors and are highly recognized by renowned customers in numerous countries. In 1993, as our business expanded, we established China production site in Sheng Zhen. In 2002, we have thrived into a land area at 25000 m2 factory with 1400+ employees and produce over 4 millions motors a month.To raise satisfaction and meet customer’s various expectations, our dedicated R&D team actively engages in innovative researches. Through advanced software, top-of-the-line equipments and elite engineering talent our pursuit of competitive products to face new challenges in diversified industries continues. We believe our motor not only drives the products but also assist our customer to explore and to excel in the ever-changing market. Renowned Customers Our Customers from all over the worldOur management strategy focus on oversea market expansion, R& Size 75 Right Angle Worm Gearbox 1001 Ratio 9 RPM Motor Ready Type NMRV With Double Output Shaft D, talent recruitment, enhanced material and supplier pool enable us to provide outstanding services. With the support from domestic and international clients, we continue to sustain quality assurance, whole-hearted enthusiasm and innovative R&D. In the long run, we aim to grow with market trend, to elevate product value by strengthening R&D efficiency and diligence. Our ultimate goal, together with our team, is to globalize with our vision in mind. Certifications At Nichibo, we uphold company philosophy as "Customer supremacy, superior quality, innovated technology and comprehensive services." We receive reputation by conducting water-tight QA system throughout production. Certified with ISO-9002/9001 and Automotive IATF 16949 symbolizes our relentless effort in pursuing high precision, high torque, SC series helical-worm gear reducer planetary gea reducer for machine low noise and endurance in motors. Recommend Products FAQ Q1: How to place the sample order?A1: The samples could be available for you after about 2 weeks when all the information confirmed.Q2: How long is the delivery?A2: The delivery time is about 60 days after the order you made. That depends on the quantity of your order.Q3: How many kind of products can be produced by your factory?A3: We are specializing in DC carbon-brush motors, DC brushless motors. There are many types for you to choose from if you are interested in our products.Q4: How to contact us?A4: Please contact us with E-mail, Alibaba TM Talk and Cellphone Call.