SMRV110 worm gearbox Advanced configuration NMRV series worm gear speed reducer helical bevel gear electric motor reductor

Applicable Industries: When the motor needs reduction
Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 182~901 N.M
Input Speed: 1400 rpm
Output Speed: 14~186 rpm
Specification: Browse down
Packaging Details: 1pcs for one carton and several cartons for one wooden pallet
Port: NingBo port/ Shanghai port/ UPS/ DHL/ TNT/ FedEX

SMRV110 worm gearbox Advanced configuration NMRV series worm gear speed reducer helical bevel gear electric motor reductor Specification

Product name SMRV110 worm gear speed reducer/worm gearbox
Ratio 7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Power 0.55~7.5KW
Color Blue/Silver/Black Or on Request
Weight 41Kg
                        Material Housing : Cast iron
The gear is made of carburized 20CrMnTi with good wear resistance and no noise
The wormwheel is Wheelhub cast iron QT500 and bronze ZQSn10-1
The wormshaft:steel 20Cr with a carburized surface and hardness of HRC60
Single unit input versions SMRV : fitted for motor flanged coupling
SMRV-E : motor flanged coupling with worm extension shaft
SRV : with input shaft
SRV-E : with double extension worm shaft
Suitable motor pole 2pole,4pole,6pole
Inch size available
Personal customization available
Extra service OEM
Quality Assurance 1 year
Features High precision, stable transmission and large output torque.Also meens high quality, long service life.
There are many cooling fins to realize rapid heat dissipation
Suitable for omni-directional installation
Can be easily mounted with various accessories like torque arms, High Quality Excavator Parts Rotating Slewing E307E Swing Reduction Gearbox different types of flanges, shafts and so on
Good rust resistance

We produce speed reducers in strict accordance with ISO9001 standard to provide our customers with high quality gearboxes at competitive prices. Our gearboxes are equipped with accessories from international famous brands, such as oil seal from SKF brand,lubricant from Shell brand, and bearing from NSK brand. The housing and gear are produced in our company under stringent quality control. All our products are available in large stocks, and we can also provide you with customized reducer solutions, pleasefeel confident to contact us.Market Performance parameter of SMRV110

Motor power Model speed ratio output speed output toruqe
0.55kw 1400rpm SMRV110 80 18rpm 201.0N.M
SMRV110 100 14rpm 236.0N.M
0.75kw 1400rpm SMRV110 50 28rpm 194.0N.M
SMRV110 60 24rpm 227.0N.M
SMRV110 80 18rpm 274.0N.M
SMRV110 100 14rpm 322.0N.M
1.1kw 1400rpm SMRV110 40 35rpm 237.0N.M
SMRV110 50 28rpm 278.0N.M
SMRV110 60 24rpm 324.0N.M
SMRV110 80 18rpm 402.0N.M
SMRV110 100 14rpm 473.0N.M
1.5kw 1400rpm SMRV110 25 56rpm 218.0N.M
SMRV110 30 47rpm 246.0N.M
SMRV110 40 35rpm 315.0N.M
SMRV110 50 28rpm 379.0N.M
SMRV110 60 24rpm 442.0N.M
SMRV110 80 18rpm 548.0N.M
SMRV110 100 14rpm 655.0N.M
2.2kw 1400rpm SMRV110 15 94rpm 196.0N.M
SMRV110 20 70rpm 255.0N.M
SMRV110 25 56rpm 311.0N.M
SMRV110 30 47rpm 356.0N.M
SMRV110 40 35rpm 462.0N.M
SMRV110 50 28rpm 555.0N.M
SMRV110 60 24rpm 648.0N.M
3.0kw 1400rpm SMRV110 10 140rpm 182.0N.M
SMRV110 15 94rpm 264.0N.M
SMRV110 20 70rpm 348.0N.M
SMRV110 25 56rpm 425.0N.M
SMRV110 30 47rpm 485.0N.M
SMRV110 40 35rpm 630.0N.M
SMRV110 50 28rpm 757.0N.M
4.0kw 1400rpm SMRV110 7.5 186rpm 184.0N.M
SMRV110 10 140rpm 240.0N.M
SMRV110 15 94rpm 352.0N.M
SMRV110 20 70rpm 454.0N.M
SMRV110 25 56rpm 566.0N.M
SMRV110 30 47rpm 647.0N.M
SMRV110 40 35rpm 863.0N.M
5.5kw 1400rpm SMRV110 7.5 186rpm 250.0N.M
SMRV110 10 140rpm 330.0N.M
SMRV110 15 94rpm 484.0N.M
SMRV110 20 70rpm 638.0N.M
SMRV110 25 56rpm 798.0N.M
SMRV110 30 47rpm 901.0N.M
7.5kw 1400rpm SMRV110 7.5 186rpm 341.0N.M
SMRV110 10 140rpm 450.0N.M
SMRV110 15 94rpm 660.0N.M
SMRV110 20 70rpm 880.0N.M

Market manager I'm Micxu,you can call me Mic.It's my pleasure to serve you. I also have more than 10 years of experience in gear unit sales.Please feel free to contact me.Email:micxu@sihaireducer.comSkype:micxu007@outlook.comChina Tel:+86 1366686425Outline dimention sheet of SMRV110 Model selection recommendation form about SMRV series SMRV worm gearbox exploded view& name of parts Choice of lubricant Company profileTaizhou Sihai Machinery Co.,LTD.Founded in 2003. Focus on the research,design and manufacture of speed reducers ,including worm gear speed reducer, bevel gear reducer, helical gearbox, planetary gearbox, etc. Equipped with experienced research and development team, we are able to offer customized gearbox solutions in addition to existing products.With a workshop area of 16, Industrial herb juice extractor grass pulp squeezing machine wheat grass juice screw press 000 m2, we have a monthly production of 30,000 speed reducers. We also purchase some processing equipment like CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC machining center, gear hobbing machine and gear grinding machine to guarantee machining precision and speed. And each process is subject to quality inspection by professional staff to ensure product quality,whether it is high temperature environment or as low as – 40 ℃, our technology can achieve, and can achieve seamless precision.There are many countries we have exported, such as Italy,Spain,Britain,Poland,Turkey,USA,Israel, India, Indonesia and other countries in the Middle East ,European and Asia. FAQQ1:How to choose a speed reducer which meets our requirement?A1:Tell me the motor information , or provide the motor related parameter drawings, or take some clear pictures of the motor and related equipment to me. I'm appreciated if you can tell me what type of reducer you used originally.Q2:When is the best time to contact you?Anytime, I will reply you as soon as possible.E-mail:micxu@sihaireducer.comSkype:micxu007@outlook.comChina Tel:+86 136 6686 4295Q3:What's the quality of your products?A3:Quality is always the foundation of our company.I suggest you buy a sample to evaluate the quality.Taizhou Sihai Machinery Co.,Ltd.Engaged in research and development, design and production of reducer for more than 20 years.Q4. Do you offer any visiting?A4: Yes! Welcome! 2021 China Custom Design Agricultural Cultivator Shovel Plough Spare Parts Notify me in advance.Q5. How long will it take for the lead time?A5: At the time we agreed