speed variator reducer UD combined worm gearbox with electric motor

Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: 12-24N.M
Input Speed: 1400rpm
Output Speed: 1000-200rpm
Speed ratio: 1.4~7
Material: Cast iron
Oil seal: NAK oil seal
Lubricant: Mineral / Synthetic
Mount position: B5/B3
Color: Blue/Silver/Coustomzied
package size: 290*300*330mm
package weight: 35kg
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
Extra service: OEM
Packaging Details: 1 pc / carton,several cartons / wooden pallet
Port: Ningbo port/ Shanghai port/ DHL / UPS/ TNT

The design of UDL series planet cone-disk step-less speed variator compromises the advanced technology both at home and abroad.
The products include the following main characteristics:
1) High speed regulating precision,up to 0.5-1 rotation
2) Large speed changing range:the speed ratio ranges from 1:4 to 1:7 freely
3) High in strength and long in service life
4) Convenient to regulate the speed
5) Continuous in running, front to back in running direction,smooth in driving,stable in performance and low in noise
6) Full in sealing and suitable for any environment
7) Compact in structure and small in volume
8) Made of high-quality aluminium alloy diecast into forming,good surface,light in weight and it never gets rusty
9) Good in adaptation: UDL series planet cone-disk stepless speed variators can be combined with all kinds of speed reducers as to achieve low stepless speed changing
UDL series planet cone disk stepless speed variators are widely used for foodstuffs,ceramics,packing,chemicals,pharmacy,plastics,paper making, mchine-tools, transportation,and all kinds of automatic production lines, Safe Operating Worm Reduction Reducers,ynmrv Gearbox Speed Reducer pipelines and assembly lines which need speed-regulation.it is a good companion for your production.

Basic model: UDL 1.5 B5

UD Code of planetary cone-disk stepless variator
L Aluminium alloy casing,and no mark means castiron casing
1.5 Relevant motor power
B5 Installation position code

Combination of gear speed reducer and basic model

UDL Code of planetary cone-disk stepless variator with aluminium alloy casing
1.5 Relevant motor power
2 Second gear speed reducer,no mark means first gear speed reducer
C Code of gear speed reducer
5 Speed ratio of gear speed reducer
B5 Installation position code

Speed variator Structure & principle

speed variator operation & maintenance

Parameter for UD(L) Planetary cone-disk stepless speed variator

Model i N2 r/min M2 N.M
1.5kw UD1.5 1.4-7 1000-200 12–24

Outline surface for basic model-B5

Planrtary stepless speed variator Structure and mounting position

Planrtary stepless speed variator Installation diagram for output flange

Planrtary stepless speed variator Installation diagram for torque arm

Planrtary stepless speed variator Installation diagram for output shafts AZ,GZ

Planrtary stepless speed variator Endless transmission view & name of part

Notice for ordering:

1) when ordering,please refer to the details of the products and tell us the exact type your need according to your requirements,like input speed,output torque,configuration,installation,etc:the installation position of the products in the order should accord with your actual needs,otherwise, it will result in oil leakage, which will impact the serving life of the products negatively.if there is special requirement to the installation position,please stress it and inform us.

2) to attain the excellent state of the variators, High Precision Low Backlash Noise Helical Planetary Speed Gear Reduction Reducer Gearbox for 750W Rated Power Servo Motor the common working speed should be chosen in the middle position,instead,it ismot appropriate to choose in the positions of min,or max.speed

3) if your requirements of worm gearbox or speed variator are different from shte standard products as in the catalogue,like:some portion that should be customized or mounted with special motors,please inform us in advance

The new packgeing unit
1) Energy saving.

Through parallel connection, the unit will automatically change the working numbers of compressor depending on system load, which can save your running cost.

2)High reliability

Once one compressor has failure, the rest could run normally until the broken one is repaired.


With complete protection system against overload, overheat, HP, LP etc, the unit could work normally even in very bad conditions;

4)Remote Control

With special controller, all operations and control can be achieved in office room;

5)Compact structure

Design was paid attention to system reasonability, and the unit could be located in front of or behind cold room without special machine room; Japan Speed reducer torque amplifier small planetary gears piwer tools