Torque amplifier differential LGH35 gear box reduction speed reducer for electric motor

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Other, Please contact us for details
Weight (KG): 0.4 KG
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: 5Nm
Input Speed: 8000rpm
Output Speed: 1000rpm
Packaging Details: cardboard boxes
Port: Kansai Airport

Products Description 1.About the products Matex has started producing a gearhead series by combining the long-trusted Matex planetary gear units and a simple gear case. Installng the gearhead series including our advanced manufacturing technology. you can not only reduce size and cost, but also efficiently improve the design process.2.Advantages -Excellent in mass production, enabling the cost reduction. -Allowing backdrivability and supporting high radial load. -Easier installation available in various types of motors.3.Sales performance Delivering to major manufacturers in the various fields, P series heavy duty planetary gear reducer gearbox such as automobile industries, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, wind power or industrial robots.4.Expected customers and partners Manufacturers of motors, industrial robots, mechanical products, shaft-mounted gearboxes motor gearboxhelical geared motor 0.75kw gear spurespeed reducer gearbox angele motor reducer etc.

Number of Gear Units222
Speed Ratio13.418.325
Max. Input Speed-Continuous Drive [rpm]800080008000
Max. Input Speed-Intermittent Drive [rpm]120001200012000
Max. Output Torque -Continuous Drive [Nm]555
Efficiency [%]81≧82≧83≧
Weight [g]383386388
Backlash [°]
Max. Radial Load [N]190190190
What Planetary Gear is(Alibaba Live Stream) ABCs of planetary gear are explained in the LiveStream archive.What planetary gear is, and advantages of planetary gear compared to usual spur gear are explained first.You will also know pros of our Matex planetary gear and favorable application areas through the video.You will also learn how to choose a right gear from rich planetary gear lineup. Company Profile Matex is a professional group for designing and manufacturing of planetary gears, gearboxes, transmissions and plastic injection molding parts. We have many achievements in development and manufacturing according to customer's specifications including home appliances, High Torque AC Motor Marine Diesel Engine With Gearbox Planetary Gear Units machinery, automobile parts, and health equipment. In addition, we fully respond to your needs, including contracted development and manufacturing of mechanical parts such as actuators, power units, NMRV Aluminum casting transmission gearbox and gear speed reducer pumps, and plastic injection molding and assembly.