TQG Right Angle Gearbox PAW-2C-K Double Hollow Shaft with Keyway Reductor

Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works , Food & Beverage Shops, Laser Cutting & Engraving, Packing, AGV, CNC
Gearing Arrangement: Helical
Output Torque: Rated 10~1200Nm
Input Speed: 3000rpm
Output Speed: According to motor and ratio
Product name: Right Angle Gearbox PAW-2C-K Double Hollow Shaft with Keyway
Application: Packing Machine, Printing, Conveyor, Laser Cutting & Engraving
Usage: Textile, Food Processing Machine, Electric Farm Power Tillers mini tiller cultivator power tillers CNC, AGV, Robotic Industry, Testing
Ratio: 1~100
Warranty: 1 Year
Packing: Wooden Box or Carton
Payment Terms: T/T
Packaging Details: Wood box or carton
Port: Shanghai, China

Right Angle Gearbox PAW-2C-K Double Hollow Shaft with KeywayRight gearboxes also called 90 degree gearboxes which are designed for servo motors, stepper motors and motion control applications. Some of right angle speed reducers are also called steering gearboxes or spiral bevel gearboxes which are for applications where the direction changes are needed. They are features of integrated stainless steel body to ensure maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance.The adoption of the top worm gear bevel designed soft body and the optimized design of contact tooth surface makes the even load and allow high torque output. Gears are made of high strength carburizing alloy steel and the degree of grinding precision is up to the standard of DIN 5 level. PAW-2C-K is a double hollow shaft clamping spiral bevel gearbox with keyway. Such right angle planetary gearbox is suitable for the application that requires axis to go through the hollow shaft. The clamping and keyway design can effectively prevent shaft transmission from slipping when in the large load motion control.The integrated stainless steel body and optimized design ensures PAW-2C-K right angle gearbox with high precision, high torque and high rigidity, rotating smoothly with low noise and generate low heat. For PAW series 90 degree right angle gearboxes, we have the following 5 types which can meet customers' different requirements. PAW-2PDouble output shaft type PAW-PSingle output shaft type PAW-2C-KDouble hollow shaft with keyway type PAW-C-KSingle hollow shaft with keyway type PAW-C-RHollow shaft with keyway Details Images Specification Table Application PAW-P series 90 degree right angle gearbox is the ideal option for the applicable transmission with limited space or needs to change the motion direction. It is widely used in robot industry, pipe bending machine, stamping equipment, pulley, belt drives, printing machine, CNC machine, etc. Related Products Company Introduction FHTW company developed from a factory which professionally manufactures the gears. All staffs of factory and R & Agricultural Machinery Parts High Quality Customization OEM Water Glass Casting Cast Iron Wheel Rim Apron Wheel 6 Months CN;LIA D team have more than 20 years’ gear manufacturing and designing experience. The FHTW factory cooperated with Taiwan planetary gearbox technology team in the early period, and then established business department of the planetary gearbox, and developed the design and manufacturing process of product line of planetary gearbox series. Products can be compatible with servo motors and stepper motors produced by any servo factory. High precision planetary reducers features of reducing rotating speed, increasing torque greatly, increasing inertia of the motor rotor, improving rigidity, shortening the locating time of start and stop, miniaturizing the motor power and improving the stability of the inertia load and reducing the vibration at the same time. Our Services & Strength 1. Economical alternatives of German Alpha, Neugart, Japan Shimpo, Harmonic Drive, Taiwan Apex, etc.2. Delivery time could be negotiated if you are urgent.3. OEM service is acceptable.4. Comprehensive after-sales service and free technical support.5. High quality at reasonable prices. Contact US Amanda Mob.(Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype): +86 18117444109Agricultural Machinery Parts Customized Tractor Parts Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly sans-serif”>Email: fhtgearbox@outlook.com