Varitron helical reduction Gear Motor Reducer gearbox speed increaser

Gearing Arrangement: Helical
Output Torque: 0.075kW(1/10HP) to 125Kw(5HP)
Rated Power: 0.075kW(1/10HP) to 125Kw(5HP)
Input Speed: 1720/60Hz 1450/50Hz
Output Speed: 0.01rpm to 1000rpm
Model Number: gearbox speed increaser
Motor: Single phrase or 3 phrase
Gearbox Shaft Type: Bore, solid shaft
Packaging Details: Gearbox packed in Crate or Wooden boxes to ensure Highest protection and minimum damage

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Quality Helical Gearmotor by Varitron from TAIWAN

Varitron helical reduction Gear Motor Reducer gearbox speed increaser

Variton Helical Gear Motor Reducers series design base on JIS standard, with high torque, silence operation, high efficiency, and long service life advantage. Designed to offer maximum reliability even in the harshest operating conditions, the Helical Gear Reducer product series guarantees complete versatility and is suitable for applications that require high radial loads.

Quality & Silence
Every Gear Motor manufactured by Varitron, Hot selling Bushing 81901809 suitable for New Holland agricultural machinery parts goes through a series of running tests to confirm within quality standard.

Long service life with high precision manufacturing
Gears and shaft are manufactured with precision machined and carburized, then for precision tooth grinding or skiving assures long service life.

Three Phase Gearmotor Single Phase Gearmotor
Reducer Gear Material High Quality alloy steel machined and carburized with precision tooth grinding or skiving
Housing Aluminum alloy Casting for model 18,22,28. Cast Iron for model 40,50
Lubrication High Quality #0 Lubrication Oil (lubricated when shipped)
Ratio Range 1/3 to 1/1800
Motor HP 1/10Hp to 125Hp ( 75W to 110kW) 1/10Hp to 3Hp ( 75W to 2.2kW)
Voltage 208/415, 220/380, 220/440, 230/460, 240/480 110/220, 120/240
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Enclose Type Total Enclosed Fan Cooled, IP54, IP55 Partially Enclosed Fan Cooled
Starting Full Voltage Direct On Line Capacitor Start
Housing Aluminum alloy
Insulation F Grade Continuous S1 Duty
Brake Function Safety Brake
Voltage DC90-110V with AC 220V Rectifier DC90-110V with AC 110V Rectifier
Environmental Specifications Temperature -10° Agricultural equipments tractor PTO driven cultivators machine mini rotavator factory – 40°C (14° – 104°F)
Humidity Under 90% RH (Non-Condensation) 90%RH
Place Indoor, Below sea level 1000 m (3,300 ft)
R Series Helical Gearmotor F Series Helical Gearmotor K Serier Helical-Bevel Gearmotor
S series Helical Worm Gearmotor GH series helical Gearmotor

Operation Directions


helical reduction gearbox speed increaser for Agitators Mixers, Brewing and Distilling, Conveyors, Extruders, Food industry, Metal Mills, Hammer mills, China OEM Knife Guard High Quality Agricultural Combine Harvester Machinery Spare Parts Paper Mills,Lumber Industry, Rubber & Plastics Industries, Sewage Disposal Equipment, Oil Industry, Chemical plant, Textile Industry, Sugar Industry, Dry Dock Cranes.. and many more

Take Control In Speed

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Packaging & ShippingPackaging Detail: wooden case or carton box or according to customer requirement
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