WORUISEN VF series worm gear speed reducer, NMRV reducer

Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 2.6~3022N.M
Rated Power: 0.04KW~15KW
Input Speed: 750-3000 Rpm
Output Speed: 0.3-419rpm
Model Number: VF series
Color: Blue, Silver or On customer ‘s request
Product name: VF series worm gearbox
Ratio: 7.5-100
Material: Aluninum alloy,Cast iron
Application: Machine Tool
Certificate: ISO9001 CCC CE
Mounting Position: Horizontal (foot Mounted)
Bearing: NSK
Packaging Details: Cartons or wooden cases
Port: shanghai tianjin qingdao lianyungang

The NMRV reducer is a new type of reducer, or RV reducer."NMRV" refers to the aluminum shell reducer, which is used to refer to the aluminum shell reducer as the "NMRV reducer".The main components are oil seal, oil plug, worm gear box, ball bearing, the output shaft, Motovario blue color NMRV 063 worm gearbox with 80B5 input flange worm gear, worm, mechanical shaft, motor connection plate (flange), the output shaft cover screw, hex socket steamed corn-bread, double round keys, gaskets, etc.NMRV series reducer – BHADE reducer with single flange input, some flanged output or double shaft output.
Product ApplicationNMRV reducer is widely used in food, leather, textile, glass, feiyue China supply agricultural machinery parts chopper machine in agriculture ceramics, medical, chemical industry, light industry and other mechanical equipment, reduction drive, is modernization drive system to realize single drive and on the production line, the best choice of the electromechanical integration.
Main Features1. High standard modular designed: This products are easily connected with and driven by different types of motor or other kind input power.2. Ratio: Featured many closely divided ratios and wide range of them.3. Long serve life: Under the condition of accurately selecting type size and the normal maintenance and use.4. Low noise: All key components are finished by precisely machining, grinding the gears, designing noise absorbing housings, accurate assembly, and finally tested, and therefore.
5. High efficiency: The effiiciency of gear unit can reach 95%. The efficiency of worm gear unit can reach 89%.
Product Parameter

Gear Type Model Reduction ratio Max. Torque (N.M)
Worm gear VF30 7/10/15/20/30/40/60/70 24
Worm gear VF44 7/10/14/20/28/35/46/60/70/100 55
Worm gear VF49 7/10/14/18/24/28/36/45/60/70/80/100 88
Worm gear VF63 7/10/15/19/24/30/38/45/64/80/100 180
Worm gear VF75 7/10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/80/100 280
Worm gear VF86 7/10/15/20/23/30/40/46/56/64/80/100 430
Worm gear VF110 7/10/15/20/23/30/40/46/56/64/80/100 800
Worm gear VF130 7/10/15/20/23/30/40/46/56/64/80/100 1500
Worm gear VF150 7/10/15/20/23/30/40/46/56/64/80/100 2000

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