WP series reducer small reduction gearbox

Applicable Industries: In industrial machine:food stuff,ceramics,chemical
Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 167-1441
Input Speed: 1440rpm
Output Speed: 1440rpm
Color: Customer Request
Application: Chemical
Product name: WP speed reducer gearbox
Packing: Wooden Box
Port: Shanghai

Model and strure tables

1.Product nameW-worm speed reducer 2.Box structureP-wholeD-separate 3.Box modelW-universalNon-code-basic 4.Unit stureE-doubleEE-multistageNon-code-basic 5.Connecter of input shaftD-with motor fangeNon-code-base
6.Structure of outputshaftK-hollowNon-code basic 7.Arrangment of input or output shaftA-input shaftis belowS-input shaft is aboveO-output shaft is upwardX-output shaft is downwardT-input shaftis upwardV-input shaft is downwardNon-code-universal 8.Center distance50-80 9.Ratio600 10.Shaft directionB

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